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    Interview with Market analyst Avinash Gorakshakar @1064fmgold; Stock Market Stumbles. Primarily the effect of #COVID19 has affected the economy as the Corona virus cases increase. The situation is such that the share market, automotive sector, aviation ,banks, real estate, tourism almost every company/sectors has been affected . It will remain for two or three more financial quarters and we can expect the complete economic recovery by FY22. #TheFirstEverLockdownInIndiaAsWellAsGloballyAffectsEconomy #SocialDistancingBeSafe

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    Interview with Dr. Harish Shetty @Vividhbhartiorg The only way to Fight this Panademic is with Patience by staying at home. U all would have longed for moments with ur family & kids. Think this is that moment, stay home & make use of this time to the best of ur ability. Play with ur kids, Give time for ur parents, Re-live the memories, Practice Yoga, eat together & avoid going out frequently. #TheMoreYouGoOutTheMoreYouAreAtRisk #StayHomeSatySafe

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    #SalutePolice and family for thier support. The Wives of Police men are nearly making 1000 masks at home. There are people who are helping daily wages people by providing food. #SalutePolice_#StayHomeStaySafe

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    Latest COVID19 Update @ndtv news. INDIA has reported the highest spike of 1251 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours due to #Nizamuddinmarkaz convention. Let's do our part in being safe and keeping safe, just by being home as we hear many heart breaking news of people affected by COVID19. #Coronavirus #StayHomeStaySafe

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    Hi Everyone, kindly maintain social distancing. This is the time we shall pass the awareness not the rumours, avoid MEMES; As this is not a joke it's an international Emergency. BREAK THE CHAIN STAY SAFE