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Advertising has a bad name, it's often perceived as that one thing which we
can't wait to skip or block. But is that all its about? Because if you listen
to all the conversation around it, it's end-game advertising!! Well, all is
not what meets the eye and while this is a time of extreme change for the
advertising industry fueled by a large amount of Flux in the content and media
industries.This might be the one time when advertising is growing beyond what
anyone can imagine. So to dig deeper into this mystery box that is the world
of advertising, we are launching a brand new podcast with Varun Duggirala, co-
founder and content chief at The Glitch. Each week, host Varun will discuss
the changes and developments in the business of advertising, branding,
content, media and a whole range of issues that exist within the industry.
Episodes out every Tuesday, starting 27th November.
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