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The Filter Koffee podcast is not an interview. It is a window into the minds
of the most interesting people that the host has met. A peek into their craft,
passions and convictions. Mostly, it is a conversation. The kind that leaves
you richer. The kind that only coffee can bring out. Karthik Nagarajan likes
his coffee strong, just like his conversations. This cryptographer turned
researcher turned screen writer turned marketer, sits down with creators,
activists, business leaders, and the occasional neighbour for an unstructured
chat. The only thing filtered on this podcast is the coffee. The Filter Koffee
Podcast with Karthik Nagarajan - Episodes out every Wednesday, starting 16th
January. You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM
Podcast App on Android: or iOS:
You can check out our website at
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