Bonded by Thorns (Book 1) by Elizabeth Helen PDF

Bonded by Thorns (Book 1) PDF: Let’s discover the latest romantic mysterious novel, “Bonded by Thorns (Book 1),” by Elizabeth Helen. It is available for free in PDF/EPUB format. This is the first book in the Beasts of the Briar series. Bonded by Thorns Novel was released on 03 February 2023 by the Luna Fox Press publication.

Book TitleBonded by Thorns (Beasts of the Briar Book 1)
AuthorElizabeth Helen
FormatPDF/EPUB, Paperback, Ebook
Total Pages342

About Book

Bonded by Thorns is a steamy, fantasy romance novel with a unique twist on a classic story. The book is written by Elizabeth Helen and was published in February 2023.

Bonded by Thorns (Book 1) by Elizabeth Helen PDF

The story in the book begins with Rosalina, a 25-year-old woman who grew up in a small town. Her mother was taken by faeries, and her father has spent most of her life looking for the faerie lands. Lucas is a pretty boy who only cares about himself. When he comes home to visit, he uses Rosalina as his “booty call.” An enchantress put a curse on the Princes that every night when the sun goes down, they will turn into wolves. The Prince of Thorns has cursed the house with brambles and thorns.

Rosalina finds the fairy world by accident and trades places with her dad. In the story, Rosalina, the kings, their relationships, and how they can find their true mates are all explored.

Here are some additional thoughts on the book:

  • The book’s setting is beautifully described, and the fae realm feels like a real place.
  • The characters are well-developed, and I found myself rooting for Rosalina and all four princes.
  • The romance is steamy, but it also feels meaningful and earned.
  • You will love that story which is full of twists and turns.

About the Author

Elizabeth Helen

Elizabeth Helen is a self-published author who lives in Australia. She is the author of several other books, including the Beasts of the Briar series and the Fallen Fae series.

If you want to read more about her, then follow her social media accounts below.

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