Built to Move by Kelly Starrett PDF

Built to Move PDF: Let’s download and read online the latest exercise & fitness book, “Built to Move PDF,” by Kelly Starrett and Juliet Starrett. It is available for free in PDF and EPUB. The book is valuable for anyone who wants to move better and live a healthier life. 

Book TitleBuilt to Move
AuthorKelly Starrett, Juliet Starrett
FormatPDF, Paperback, Ebook
Total Pages336
PDF Size14MB

About Book

Here I’m sharing the summary of this book. Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully is a book written by Kelly and Juliet Starrett, who are both physical therapists and movement experts. In their book “Built to Move”, Kelly and Juliet lay out a simple yet effective plan for improving your movement and overall health.

Built to Move by Kelly Starrett PDF

The book is full of practical advice and exercises that you can do to improve your movement. The authors provide clear instructions and diagrams, and they also offer variations of the exercises for different levels of ability. The book is divided into ten chapters, each of which focuses on one essential habit for moving well.

The ten essential habits of movement from “Built to Move”:

  1. Wake up your body: This involves waking up your body’s nervous system and getting it ready for movement.
  2. Move your spine: This involves moving your spine through its full range of motion to keep it healthy and mobile.
  3. Open your hips: This involves opening your hips to improve your flexibility and range of motion.
  4.  Strengthen your core: This involves strengthening your core muscles to improve your stability and balance.
  5. Mobilize your joints: This involves mobilizing your joints to improve their range of motion and reduce pain.
  6. Stretch your muscles: This involves stretching your muscles to improve their flexibility and range of motion.
  7. Cool down after exercise: This involves cooling down after exercise to help your body recover.
  8. Listen to your body: This involves paying attention to your body’s signals and adjusting your movement accordingly.
  9. Eat for movement: This involves eating a diet that supports movement and recovery.
  10. Move for life: This involves making movement a part of your daily life.

About the Author

Kelly Starrett is a doctor of physical therapy, author, speaker, and co-founder of the fitness website The Ready State. He is known for his work on mobility and movement, and his books, including **Becoming a Supple Leopard** and **Relentless**, have been translated into 5+ languages. He advocates for a holistic approach to movement, which includes paying attention to the mind-body connection and addressing the underlying causes of movement restrictions.

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