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Cherish by Tracy Wolff PDF: Let’s download and read online the latest science fiction and fantasy novel “Cherish PDF” by Tracy Wolff. This is the last and final book in the Crave series.

Book TitleCherish (Crave, 6)
AuthorTracy Wolff
FormatPDF, Paperback, Ebook
Total Pages592

About Book

Cherish is the sixth and final book in Tracy Wolff’s Crave series. It follows Grace as she tries to save the people she loves from a dangerous threat.

Cherish by Tracy Wolff PDF

The Vampire Court has no king, the Dragon Court has no heart, and the Gargoyle Court has Grace—a teenager in way over her head. And it’s the worst possible timing because a threat is brewing just as the Circle is collapsing.

Grace has no choice but to return to the Shadow Realm and face the terrifying queen who nearly ended them…and make a deal with her to save Mekhi. But this time, she’s bringing her powerful friends with her—and Hudson. Except something is wrong with him, too. He’s keeping a secret—even from her. All Grace knows is that everyone’s life hangs in the balance.

Cherish is a fast-paced, action-packed conclusion to the Crave series. Wolff does a great job of wrapping up all of the loose ends and giving readers a satisfying ending. The book is full of suspense, romance, and humor. Fans of the series will not be disappointed.

Here is a summary of “Cherish” book:

  • Grace and her friends return to Katmere Academy after their victory over Cyrus.
  • The Vampire Court is in chaos without a king.
  • The Dragon Court is in mourning after the death of their queen.
  • The Gargoyle Court is on the brink of war with the Vampire Court.
  • A new threat is brewing in the Shadow Realm.
  • Grace must travel to the Shadow Realm to face the queen and stop her from taking over the world.
  • Grace succeeds in defeating the queen but at a great cost.
  • The world is saved, but the Circle is broken.
  • Grace and her friends must find a way to rebuild the Circle and bring peace to the world.

Cherish is a thrilling conclusion to the Crave series. It is full of action, adventure, and romance. Wolff does a great job of wrapping up the story and giving her characters satisfying endings. If you enjoyed the previous books in the series, then you will definitely want to read Cherish.

About the Author

Tracy Wolff, a highly acclaimed author, achieved great success with her books on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Her writing journey began early on when she penned her first short story in second grade, featuring a rainbow and a prince. Tracy also writes under the name Tracy Deebs and resides in Austin, Texas, with her family. You can explore more about her and her works from the links given below.

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