Promises and Pomegranates PDF/EPUB Download

Promises and Pomegranates PDF/EPUB

Promises and Pomegranates PDF/EPUB: Promises and Pomegranates is a dark and twisted romance novel that fans of the genre will love. Here we provide Promises and Pomegranates by Sav R. Miller, which you can easily download for free by using the direct link below.

Promises and Pomegranates PDF/EPUB

Promises and Pomegranates is a dark contemporary romance novel by Sav R. Miller. It is the first book in the Monsters & Muses series, and the Hades and Persephone myth served as a loose inspiration.

Promises and Pomegranates story follows Elena Ricci, a young woman who is forced to marry Mateo, the son of a rival mafia family. Kal Anderson, a mysterious doctor who works for the Ricci family, kidnaps Elena on the night of her wedding. Kal is a dark and dangerous man, but Elena is drawn to him despite her better judgment.

Now, as Elena and Kal start spending time together, they both start falling in love with each other. However, the fact that Kal is an assassin and Elena is still legally married to Mateo complicates their relationship.

The book is full of suspense, violence, and explicit sexual content. However, it also has a strong emotional core, and the relationship between Elena and Kal is both complex and compelling.

What I think about Promises and Pomegranates:

  • This book is dark, twisted, and addicting.
  • The characters are complex and well-developed. I felt for both Elena and Kal, even though they made some questionable decisions.
  • The writing is beautiful and evocative. I could really feel the dark and sensual atmosphere of the story.

Overall, Promises and Pomegranates is a well-written and entertaining dark romance novel.

About the Author: Sav R. Miller

Sav R. Miller is an international bestselling author of adult romance with varying levels of darkness and steam. She graduated with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in Cultural Anthropology in 2018. Sav’s books are known for their complex characters, dark themes, and steamy romance. Her most popular series is the Monsters & Muses series, which follows a group of musicians who are also monsters. The series includes the books Promises and Pomegranates, Vipers and Virtuosos, Oaths and Omissions, Arrows and Apologies, Souls and Sorrows, and Liars and Liaisons.

Promises and Pomegranates by Sav R. Miller PDF/EPUB Download

PDF TitlePromises and Pomegranates
File FormatPDF, EPUB, Paperback, Ebook
PDF Size380 Pages
AuthorSav R. Miller

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