The Bodyguard by Katherine Center PDF Download

If are you excited to read the best romantic novel then “The Bodyguard PDF” by Katherine Center is special for you. This is an engaging and humorous story of love, loss, and second chances – perfect for fans of romantic comedies, and you will definitely love it! It was published in July 2022.

The Bodyguard PDF by Katherine Center

The Story: The book follows the story of Hannah Brooks, an executive protection agent (aka bodyguard), who is assigned to protect Jack Stapleton, a famous movie star stalked by a middle-aged woman with a corgi named Corgi. While Hannah finds this task unpleasant and uncomfortable, she remains committed to fulfilling it effectively.

As Hannah gets to know Jack better, she begins to see him differently. No longer the arrogant celebrity that Hannah once believed him to be, Jack turns out to be kind, funny, and approachable – Hannah soon finds herself developing feelings for Jack but knows this would be forbidden as her job as his bodyguard requires that she remain professional at all times.

Things become complicated when Jack’s mother falls sick. To assist, he returns home to Texas, asking Hannah to accompany him; Hannah accepts and pretends to be Jack’s girlfriend to keep away any potential stalkers who might want to hurt him.

Hannah and Jack begin to bond during their stay in Texas, spending time together and falling deeper in love despite it being forbidden – Jack being an A-List movie actor and Hannah serving as his bodyguard respectively – but ultimately cannot resist each other’s charms and become infatuated with one another. Although their love may never work out fully, Hannah and Jack are nonetheless drawn closer by being together. If you are searching for an entertaining yet romantic read this summer then

I highly suggest reading “The Bodyguard“!

Book TitleThe Bodyguard: A Novel
AuthorKatherine Center
FormatPDF, Paperback, Ebook
Total Pages320

The Bodyguard Katherine Center PDF Download

Katherine Center is an American author of contemporary fiction. Born in Houston, Texas in 1972, Katherine received her BA and MA in fiction writing from Vassar College before earning an MA at the University of Houston. Since 2006 when her debut novel – The Bright Side of Disaster – was published she has gone on to publish eight additional stories including How to Walk Away (2018), Things You Save in a Fire (2019), and The Bodyguard (2022).

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